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Royal Hotel TOSA

Kō-2995 Ko Nishibun, Geisei, Aki-gun, Kochi 781-5703
TEL: +81-887-33-4510 (Reception hours 9: 00 ~ 18: 00)

By plane

From Kochi Ryoma Airport

  • Kochi Ryoma Airport

  • Car・Taxi
    Approximately 20 minutes (about 15 km)
    Around ¥ 2,800

  • Our hotel

By train

Tosa Kuroshio Railway
From Nishibun Station

  • Tosa Kuroshio Tetsudo (private railway)
    Nishibun Station

  • Walking
    Approx. 20 minutes (about 1.3 km)

  • Our hotel

Tosa Kuroshio Railway
From Yasu Station

  • Tosa Kuroshio Tetsudo (private railway)
    Yasu Station

  • Car・Taxi
    Approx. 7 minutes (about 4 km)
    Around ¥ 1,200

  • Our hotel

Free shuttle bus

Guide for pickup

Royal Hotel TOSA offers a free shuttle bus for its guests (day trip guests included)
from Kochi Ryoma Airport and Tosa Kuroshio Tetsudo Yuzu Station to the hotel.

As reservation is necessary, please contact the hotel: TEL: 0887-33-4511

Please note that if we are overbooked we may not be able to accept your request. Sorry for the inconvenience.

By car

From Nankoku IC

  • Nankoku IC

  • Car・Taxi
    National Route 55
    Approx. 30 minutes (about 25 km)

  • Our hotel

From Kochi City

  • Kochi City

  • Car・Taxi
    National Route 55
    Approx. 50 minutes (about 30 km)

  • Our hotel

Parking is on first come first served basis.

· Free of charge
· Number of parking lots: 240 units


About Access

  • Q.

    About the free shuttle bus


    We operate a free shuttle bus between "Yasu Station" (on the Tosa Kuroshio Railway line) and the hotel.

    Departure time from the Hotel to Yasu Station: 9:10 ; 10:10
    Departure time from Yasu Station to the Hotel: 14:30 ; 16:30

    The traveling time is about 7 minutes.
    Please note that time may vary depending on road conditions.

    The transfer between Kochi Ryoma Airport and the hotel must be reserved 3 days in advance.

    Please contact the hotel when you know your arrival time.
    ※ Because there is a limited number of seats, depending on availability, we may have to refuse your request.

  • Q.

    Access to the hotel


    From Kochi Airport

    Approximately 20 minutes by car.

    From the nearest station

    About 7 minutes by car from Tosa Kuroshio Railway "Yasu Station".

    The taxi stand is about 3 minutes from the train platforms. Go to the left (west) at the northwest crossroad and you will find it on your left.