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In Nasu, There is Something for Everyone!

Night Safari, Trick Art Museum and More

Nasu is a resort-goers’ paradise that offers a lot of sightseeing opportunities: from amusement parks, through zoos, to ski opportunities and outlet malls, Nasu has something for everyone! Would you like to take part in an exhilarating safari? Attend one of Japan’s biggest trick art museums? Explore Nasu’s rich nature? In the article below, we collected a few ideas for sightseeing around the Nasu highlands.

Nasu Safari Park

Surely, Japan is probably not the country you come to when you feel like attending a safari ride. Yet, in Nasu Safari Park, the real experience can be yours. Ride one of the themed buses, secure with bars between you and the animals, and meet lions, tigers, elephants, and giraffes along the way. The safari houses around 700 animals of 70 species.

Apart from being able to interact with wild animals in a safe environment, you can also find rare animals here, such as the white tiger, white kangaroo, and white ostrich. Apart from that, this safari also offers unique experiences, such as a Night Safari event, when you can explore the nightlife in the park. The Jungle Steak Café and the Safari Shop are also open during the Night Safari times, for your convenience, and the park offers a discount for those who attend the safari tour both at daytime and night time.

Nasu Trick Art Museum

Why not visit the biggest Trick Art Museum in Japan while staying in Nasu? Explore all the 3D paintings in this vast museum, all offering you a new point of view, and a fun opportunity to take pictures and take advantage of all the possibilities this museum offers.

There are three different sections in this museum that you are free to explore. House of Trick Art is the essence of any trick art museum, designed so you can interact with paintings and take fun pictures that use the surprising, unique quality these paintings have.

Trick Art’s Labyrinth uses a more three-dimensional approach, where you can create photos that look out of this world thanks to your surroundings and careful positioning. Lastly, Michelangelo’s museum features the most widely known paintings and artworks from all around the world. Take a walk in the Sistine Chapel, interact with the Mona Lisa, and more! You surely won’t be disappointed by how much fun you can have with art and find a new appreciation for the classics as well.

With family or friends, this is a very popular tourist spot in the Nasu area for the unique opportunities it offers.

Nasu Flower World

Nasu flower world aims to show you a gorgeous abundance of nature. Be it spring, summer, or autumn, you will definitely encounter the most iconic and beautiful flowers of the season.

Let the sight of the countless flowers take your breath away as you stroll around the park. With the Nasu highlands as its backdrop, you will feel just like you found yourself in the middle of a painting. Don’t miss the experience of all the different kinds of flowers blooming on the Nasu Highland, around 600 metres above the ground.

The name doesn’t lie: Fields wide and deep, just like an ocean of blossoms will welcome you as soon as you cross the border between the real world and Nasu Flower World.
Please note that the venue is closed during the winter period and does not accept visitors. (From November until April.)

Stained Glass Museum

Are you one to enjoy the solemn yet picturesque sight of stained glass in churches and chapels? Then this stained glass museum is the place for you!

Rose windows, Biblical scenes, and angels wait for you in this stained glass museum, ready to be admired. Here your senses will be pampered by the lights, the fragrances, the beauty, and even the movement of the air. The Nasu Stained Glass Museum is an elegant place, full of the strict yet beautiful charms of religious motifs and strong, impactful colours.

Apart from the solemn, elegant windows on display here, you can also see some of Richard Lee’s Tiffany lamps that are also mainly known for their beautiful stained glass.

Nasu Highland Park

Good news for theme park-lovers: the Nasu Highland Park is the biggest amusement park of the Northern Kantō area.

There are a wide range of attractions available: some of them can be enjoyed even during rainy days, and there are rides aimed at families as well, so you don’t have to worry about finding something to do whether you arrive with your family or friends.

Apart from regular rides, there are also other adventure attractions available, such as a haunted castle to explore and rides that use virtual reality to heighten the experience. Why not try a reverse bungee-jumping, or enter the world of dinosaurs? Additionally, activities like mountain stream fishing are also available in natural activity zones.
Nasu Highland Park is a well-rounded theme park, with a wide range of activities and various differently themed zone for visitors to explore and enjoy.

Nasu Garden Outlet

For some people, shopping is one of the most important part of a vacation. Nasu Garden Outlet is facilitated with around 150 shops selling fashion items and miscellaneous goods, and restaurants. Moreover, you won’t only find brand names here, but also unique goods produced by local manufacturers that you may not find anywhere else in Japan.

If you like shopping, this is definitely a must. If you are looking for some unique souvenirs to take home from your trip, it is also recommended to look around here.


Get Your Tickets at Royal Hotel NASU

Sightseeing is made even easier with the ticket vending machine installed at Royal Hotel NASU. Through this machine, you can get tickets for some of the sights mentioned in this article. Pick a choice, and get your tickets in the comfort of your hotel!

Please note that not all the attractions might be available through the machine and that it is not guaranteed that the tickets are available through the vending machine at all times.

Please note that the images are for illustrative purposes only and the details in this article are subject to change.