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Basically, it is possible to book up to 186 days ahead from today.

Depending on your accommodation plan, the reservation period will be different.

If vacancy is full, reservations are not possible even during reservable period.

As for booking with a contract corporation, the reservation period is different depending on the timing of contract renewal etc.

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Companies Preventive Measures against New Coronavirus

As a measure to prevent spreading the infection by the coronavirus, we would like to inform you about the measures taken at our facilities.
We are taking the following measures with top priority for customer safety and security, to prevent the infectious disease spread.

Initiatives for staff
In consideration of the health and safety measures of hotel staff, we will respond by wearing a mask.
Employees wash their hands for 30 seconds according to in-house hygiene regulations and thoroughly follow the gargling rules.
We carry out health checks and temperature readings for cooking staff and service staff when they come to work.

Efforts taken at restaurants and others
For dinner and breakfast, even if your reservation plan did offer buffet food at the time of booking, hotel staff will serve you separately (cafeteria method)
Or we may change the correspondence of individual meals for a certain period of time.
Even when serving buffet dishes, we regularly doing replacement of tongs for sorting food, and some dishes may be divided to individual dishes.
For events hosted by hotels, we are currently restraining all of the events for certain period of time.
In the hotel facilities, some restaurants and lounges places may be closed, or the business hours may be changed without notice.
By operating facility, the details of correspondence may vary depending on the hotel facility. For more details of your hotel, please check the "Important Notice".
Thank you in advance for understanding.
In addition, if the situation etc. changes or occur, we will notify you on the homepage.