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Food Allergy Policy

October 5, 2022

1. Purpose

Taking customer safety as the highest priority and in recognition of the importance of accurate food allergy preventive measures, in order to ensure safe consumption of our dishes we have established "Food Allergy Policy".

2. About Food Allergies


Food allergy is defined as a harmful to the body reaction of the immune system to ingesting, touching or inhaling foods.


Allergens defined by the Food Labeling Law
Either mandatory labeling or recommended labeling is stipulated for foods that contain specified ingredients or items equivalent to specified ingredients.

7 specified ingredients and walnuts · · · mandatory labeling for manufacturers

Egg, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanut, shrimp, crab, walnut (to be introduced to specified ingredients)

20 items equivalent to specified ingredients · · · recommended labeling for manufacturers

Abalone, squid, salmon roe, salmon, mackerel, beef, pork, chicken, orange, apple, banana, kiwi fruit, peach, soy, sesame, cashew nut, Japanese yam, Matsutake mushroom, gelatin, almond

3. Our basic stance

In regards to providing food and beverages to our customers who have food allergies, our basic policy is to make customer safety the top priority, but please note the following matters in advance.


In case we are requested to serve food allergy corresponding meals, we will only provide "hypoallergenic menu" that excludes the 7 specified ingredients and walnuts, and as a rule we will not take other measures.


As we handle various foodstuffs inside the same kitchen, we do not use cooking utensils etc. dedicated to each foodstuff. For this reason, it is impossible to reliably prevent the mixing in of small amounts of foodstuffs not used as ingredients.
We ask for everyone's understanding of above-mentioned circumstances of our company and to acknowledge the possibility of small amounts of foodstuffs not used as ingredients in the provided dish being mixed in.

4. Regarding Food Allergy Corresponding Menu


About hypoallergenic menu


We offer "hypoallergenic menu" which excludes the 7 specified ingredients and walnuts for which labeling is mandatory.


Items other than the 7 specified ingredients and walnuts are not excluded.


We welcome our customers to bring in safe foods such as boil-in-the-bags, frozen food etc. and allow consumption of such foods and drinks inside the original dining venue.
Please inform the hotel of such circumstances at the time of making reservation and during hotel check-in. (We will assist heating such meals with microwave oven and hot water boiler.)


Reservation is accepted up to 5 days in advance. Please note that applications after 4 days cannot be accepted. (This does not apply to foods brought from the outside as specified in point 3)